The Little Mermaid and MX123

I am often asked how MX123 originated in the media business and many are surprised to learn that we started as a children’s resale store under the name Kidoos.  Kidoos veered into the… Continue reading

The Best Resale Websites

Chris Janota, If your already a customer of MX123 you already know that selling to a friendly, trust worthy resale website can make selling your pre-owned stuff a snap.  If you’ve ever used… Continue reading

DVDs Lost In The Mail. What Can I Do?

  Background: MX123 buys back your used DVDs, Video games and CDs.  They issue quotes and free USPS shipping labels from their website. One on our sellers (Kathy ) recently had the misfortune… Continue reading

Poll: Favorite DVD Recycling Idea

According to the Worldwatch Institute, more than 540 tons of used CDs and DVDs are thrown away globally every year. Even though DVDs and CD consist of recyclable materials, the vast majority of… Continue reading

DVD Amnesty: Recovering Your Collection From Your Friends

Chris Janota, I have a solution to settle a major problem many of us have.  Recovering your loaned DVDs.   At first it seems that lending a DVD is a small favor to grant to any… Continue reading

Mx123 Mobile App

Chris Janota  MX123 I’ve been asked about the status on our mobile app and i want to clear up some of the confusion that may be out there. First of all we have had… Continue reading

Are DVDs and Blu-rays Leaving Soon?

Despite numbers that show disc sales fell 11% in 2014 and the continued dominance of subscription streaming in the electronic distribution sector of business, where is the future of physical media headed to?  What… Continue reading

Blu-Ray Prices Dropping

I’ve been a big fan of Home Media Magazine from back when their printed magazine was called Video Store News and was delivered to my mx123 retail store about 7 years ago. Every week they chart the… Continue reading

Nobody Wants My Used DVD Cases

Chris Janota, I’ve been doing this for years. We cummulate quite a few used dvd cases through our operations at Media Exchange 123.  When cases are scratched or damaged we will swap out… Continue reading

GameStop Following Blockbusters Path

I’ve always found great interest in following my industry’s leaders as they attempt to avoid the impeding doom of resaling used media.  Gamestop in particular was inspirational to me when Mx123 first started out in the used… Continue reading

Home Video: Almost Never Was

I was just looking back and thinking… In 1977, the first video rental shop opened. It was in Los Angeles. Despite having a unique business plan, the revolutionary store was an tremendous success,… Continue reading

Recycling Your DVDs and Cds

Chris Janota, As our movie and music entertainment slowly but surely becomes served by digital media, the prices of our used DVDs and CDs are dropping rapidly. Its unfortunate but inevitable that the… Continue reading

Next Gen Video games are here!

Chris Janota, In November both the PS4 and the Xbox One began to ship, marking the beginning of the “next-generation” console cycle. The renew of the console cycle could be seen as… Continue reading

Anyone Wanna Buy a Record Store?

Its crazy some of the things you come across on eBay.  A record store has been put up for auction on Ebay  along with its entire contents of DVDs and CD and an… Continue reading

Recycling DVDs and CDs

Chris Janota, Digital videodiscs have been the dominant physical storage format since first appearing in the 90s but the very popularity of cheap discs made of plastic, metal and ink is making… Continue reading

Top 5 Items to Buy Used

Chris Janota, If you come to mx123 to sell your used dvds you might already know the great value you can get buying your dvds used. There’s a great online marketplace for… Continue reading

DVDs: Simple and Steadfast

With ever increasing ways to take in digital media and the uncertain future how digital media landscape will settle, one steadfast truth in digital media has been established so far: One day its… Continue reading

PS4 and the Future of Video Game Resale

Chris Janota, There is wide speculation that the forthcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 will have technology to prohibit used games.  The business of pre-owned games is a multi-billion dollar business, and… Continue reading

Will Your PS2 and PS3 Games Become Obsolete?

Chris Janota, Will the Playstation 4 be equipted to play your used PS3 and PS2 games?  The early word is that it will.  Kind of.   According to several sources with accessibility to… Continue reading

Top 5 Buy Back Items of 2012

Here is a list of the most popular items purchased by MX123 in 2012 within all categories of DVD, CD and video games. -1-  140 copies Monsters Inc.  was the most popular items sold to… Continue reading

Alvin Ang 2006 to 2012

Chris Janota, Alvin Ang, the supreme ruler of all purchase orders here at MX has announce his departure and is moving on to greener pastures. During his tenure at mx he was… Continue reading

DVD and Blu-ray Holiday Sales Strong

Chris Janota, With the holiday period underway i am able to make a couple insights on the ongoing battle between pre-packaged DVDs versus electronic downloading. The fourth quarter, is gift-giving time, a… Continue reading

Can You Resell Your Digital Movies?

Chris Janota, Consumers already been reselling movies and music ever since the birth of physical media storage, but while media has progressed into new innovative formats, used sales have not broke out of their… Continue reading

Video Game Pricing 2006 to 2012

Secordary market prices for GBDS, PS2, Xbox and Game Cube determined by buy back prices from 2006 to 2012 The graph compares the prices performance of four superseded video game formats we… Continue reading

Price Change: Higher Prices

A long overdue price change went through last night on You may have noticed our prices have not changed since June 1.  We typically have price changes completed more frequently but a… Continue reading