See mx123s Rare Collectible DVDs Youtube video

See our new Rare DVD series of videos on Youtube. In each video we spotlight dvds with high mx123 buy prices and discuss the reason behind the prices.

In our latest video posting on youtube we reviewed these titles: Brothers Quay Collection, Messin with the Blues: Muddy Waters, Ilsa: the Wicked Warden, Sport Illustrated Swimsuit collection 1995-1999, The Game is Over, Gunfighters Moon, Off Limits, Life Guard, Once Upon A Time: Cary Grant, Fight Club, Wind in the Willows, Raymond Briggs: The Snowman/ Father Christmas, Salomes Last Dance, Invader Zim house box set.

In our first video we reviewed these titles:   Grateful Dead Movie, MTV’s Wets Shorts, Cannibal Apocalypse, Jade, Fantasia Anthology, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King Trilogy, Beastmaster, Two Lane Blacktop, View from the Vault 2. 

Here is the first video: