MX123 Video Contest: Vote now!

Chris Janota,
Announcing our Video Contest.



The voting has begun but its not too late to enter a late video entry! (see below)

Prize: $150 awarded to the 1st prize with the highest number of votes.  A public vote is now being taken on this blog.  The vote will last from November 15th 2011 to December 8th 2011.   In addition ALL entries were paid a transaction bonus when the video was submitted with a regular sell order. 

All video submissions are included in the voting.    

Current enties:









5 (Late entry)











The Video requirements:  Any video mentioning  The Video needs to be uploaded to any publicly available video sharing website. (Youtube, Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, etc.)   The topic does not have to be about, only a mention of mx123 is adequate to qualify.  

TIPs: will not be voting for the winner so the video does not need to be flattering to us.  Here are some ideas for your video:

  • Let’s see your dvd collection.  What rare titles do you have?
  • Where do you store your collection? Any unusual storage ideas?
  • Rare titles?
  • Here are my favorites:  What do you do with your dvds or video games that are too cheap to sell?  Coasters?  Shooting practice targets?
  • Are there any charitable foundations you donate your DVD and Games to?
  • Why are you selling your collection? Upgrading to blu-ray? Converting to digital?  Content using Netflicks?

Be natural and make this fun. Whatever is fun for you is good to qualify.  Just make it entertaining and give us a mention. The bizare videos usually make it to the top. 

Personalize it. We would love to see you!  A simple online transaction on how to sell your DVDs can often be dull material so one of the ideas above might be the best. 

Maximum video length is just one minute

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