Physical Media Vanishing Rapidly

Chris Janota,

In further evidence of the rapid removal of physical media from our lives Microsoft has decided to not include DVD or Blu-ray support for their upcoming Windows 8 release.  Without purchasing an addon from Microsoft you will not be able to watch a DVD or Blu-rau disc like you can on your current Windows machine.

Microsoft’s reasoning for this is that people are now watching streaming videos or pay per view.  Microsoft’s Windows 8 Announcement  was a clear business decision.  The tech giant is under pressure from pc manufacturers to keep the Windows 8 price down – Licensing the codecs to play discs is measured no longer worth the investment on their OS.

This presents us one less way of playing those old dvds lying around .  Maybe you find yourself more frequently streaming video from NetflixYouTube, Xbox Live, or from Amazon or Hulu, or from the many Internet channels, including HBO, ESPN or from the networks themselves, like the Comedy Channel or Fox Live.

Physcial is on its way out rapidly.  Your neighborhood video store went out of business for a reason. And yet at we are stubbornly hanging on to our business model and trying to get as much life out of those DVDs as possible before they’re gone.  We will gladly buy those old DVDs and Blu-rays you are no longer watching and give them another life.  But we suggest selling them now before they lose even more value on their inevitable path to obsolecence.  Sad but true.