Next Generation Video Game Consoles Overdue

Chris Janota,

The video game history going back to the 1970s has demonstated about a five year lifecycle of console rebirths.  Nintendo’s new Wii U officially kicks off the 8th generation of consoles this fall but for the first time in history  Sony Playstation and Microsofts Xbox have reported this life cycle may last up to 10 years.  Microsoft is working on their next console (dubbed the Xbox 720) and expects it to be released in 2015.   That means that the xbox 360 and PS3 consoles are just halfway through their life.  Although, it remains to be seen what will happen after the Wii U will is released.  When sales start to decrease because of Nintendo’s new console, they will most likely push up the release of their next generation console.

Generation 8 console

Time line of Video Game Generations 5-8:


October 2012 Wii U?
November 19, 2006 (Wii)
November 18, 2001 (GameCube)
September 29, 1996 (Nintendo 64)


2015 Xbox 720 ?
November 16, 2005 (Xbox 360)
November 15, 2001 (Xbox)


2016 PS4?
November 17, 2006 (PlayStation 3)
October 26, 2000 (PlayStation 2)
September 9, 1995 (PlayStation)

If the Generation 8 consoles will have the ability to play used games and be backwards compatible with Generation 7 games has yet to be determined.  Gamestop has announced that a possible anti-used measure in Generation 8 is a real threat.  Microsoft and Sony would love to squash the use of game trading and compatibility of old games in these systems because it cuts in to their profits.  But the acceptance of their platforms would severly be dimishinshed if they don’t.  Video games for more casual users have expanded to other immediate platforms, like smartphones, tablets, and pc games and there is arguably no need to spend as much as $300 on a console when entertainment options already exist for this group of consumers.

The key will be to make gamers want it…  even if they don’t know they want it.

We will continue to monitor the any development in Gen 8 launch dates, playing used ability,  and backwards compatibity topics here on our blog.  And of coarse count on us to buy back your used games at MX123.