DVD Industry Update and Ultra Violet

Chris Janota, Mx123.com

As DVDs still provide 80% of home movie sales the industry continues to evolve ever rapidly.  Netflix continues to post increases in subscribers for streaming accounts.  Studios are hoping to make an active attempt at taking down once and for all The Pirate Bay, the number one bittorrent site of illegally downloaded movies and TV.

For streaming on your TV, AppleTV   sales outsold Roku , but its still a small, but growing market for both.  HBO GO  is now live for those who have cable accounts, HBO’s personal streaming app.

And then there’s Ulta Violet…

Digital downloads seem to have a place in the market with Ultra Violet , the studios version to ward off the iTunes monopoly.   UltraViolet is DVD for the Internet. Just as the DVD logo means that you can buy a DVD from any seller and expect it to play in any player with a DVD logo (DVD players, DVD PCs, DVD entertainment systems in automobiles, and so on), the UltraViolet logo means you can buy UltraViolet movies from any seller, keep track of your “virtual library” of movies, and expect them to play on anything with the UltraViolet logo (players, PCs, mobile phones, cable set-top boxes, and so on).  UltraViolet is launching in phases. Streaming became available in fall 2011. Download players will become available in 2012.

Is converting your DVD collection to UV a worthwhile investment?  That answer depends upon the success of the format.  If future devices support UV playback you cold feasibly enjoy your movie collection on many devices for years to come.  But if UV isnt supported…  your investment will pay off as well as your HD DVD collection did.

Some disc-to-digital programs, such as Walmart’s, require you to take your discs into the store to prove that you own them (video).  You get to keep your discs but they are marked with a special indelable stamp in the center of the disc so they can’t be converted for UV credit again.

Mx123.com hasn’t been hit with a rash of used DVDs marked with the ultaviolet stamp yet.  Legally to store a  digital copy of a dvd on your computer an owner must keep the original source, the dvd, in their possession. We must admit at this begininng state of UV the legally of selling your discs after they have been converted to UV is in question.  The difference being, the UV copy is in the cloud not stored on your computer.  We havent read through the fine print yet.

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