Blu-ray Retail Prices Dropping

Chris Janota,
As the Blu-ray format becomes more accepted, $5 and under Blu-rays are becoming common for some older catalog titles

I just recently noticed Blu-rays that used to cost $15-$25 at retail stores several years ago, now for only $5.00 at Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy.  There are around a thirty Blu-rays offered for $5 nationwide, with Target appearing to offer the biggest in store selection. Movies range from family movies to R rated action movies. Movies like Grand Torino, The Bucket List, Alexander Revisted can be found at Best Buy for $5.00.  Target has T2, Olivers Stone’s The Doors, Bridget Jones Diary, Cutthroat Island, Young Guns all at $5. 

Target and Walmart have a lot more $5 Blu-rays too choose from online compared to what they stock in the store.  Best Buy also has more $4.99 Blu-rays online now.

Best Buy $4.99 Blu-rays                     Target $5.00 Blu-rays