Quick Mobile Price Lookup Tools

Chris Janota, Mx123.com

A great past time for making additional money is  scouting for dvds, cds, video games and books at garage sales and library sales.  Often the treasures you find can be resold for serious cash at mx123.com, ebay or other sites.  Whether you’re a casual scouter or do this for  regular income there is a price to suit everyone.   

Free Mobile Price look up Apps

There are Iphone and Android apps that use the phone’s camera to read barcodes.  These apps are a great free option if you are just ocassionally valuating a dvd or book here and there, managing your collection or just beginning media scouting.

Media Scanner – for DVDs and Videogames.  Find mx123 and Amazon prices on your Android device.

Bookscouter – for book prices on your iphone.

The down side with these apps is that the device must be held steady when scanning. You can scan about 1 item every 5 seconds which is a long time to be fuddling around with your phone going item by item. Most of these apps will need internet access to call up a price. Another downside is  the phone’s short battery life. Scanning barcodes consumes lots of power.

Smart phone technology is advancing rapidly but barcode scanning speed is significantly slower than a dedicated barcode scanner and will continue to be in the foreseeable future.  For the fastest mobile scanning you need a dedicated scanner.

Mobile price look up services
For the serious scouter These services all run on Windows Mobile PDA devices.


These Windows PDA media services offer price updates by database download and sync to your PDA for offline media scouting. These services are ideal if you are a serious scouter and are sourcing large quantities of things like books, cds, dvds and want real speed and efficiency,

I have experience using Neatoscan and aSellerTool.  Both allow you to setup price contols that can trigger a quick display and audio alerts that provide instant feedback. Its great if you want to put some earbuds in and start scanning discretely.  If you scan a dvd that meets the criteria that you have set previously, it will give you a cash register sound, for example.  There are many other configurable options in this software which allows you to do just about whatever you’d like in terms of what criteria you’d like met before you buy a dvd.  It’s great for sourcing large stores, garage sales, managing huge collections, or inventory.

The downsides to these services is the cost.  PDA and barcode scanner is a big investment if your just starting out.  Also the initial setup requires patience and periodically refreshing the database which requires about 1 hour of time.  At mx123 for our ocassional inventory management needs we used neatoscans local rental service until they discontinued it.  We recently found aSellerTools to exceed our expectations.

Neatoscan’s book scouting service is $50/month for 1 account.  And aSeller Tool is $40 per month.  Consider these services once you’ve got your feet wet with a free smartphone app and know what media scouting is all about.

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