Gamestop: More Power to the Players

Chris Janota,

Gamestop: Game developers loathe them. Console manufacturers aren’t crazy about them.  As our competitor, isn’t a fan either, just a curious spectator of the resale industry leader.   But gamers who long could save a few dollars and trade-in  games from their retail stores love them.

 It’s no secret that the video game industry loathes the success of used game sales at resellers like Gamestop and Publishers have attempted to entice gamers to purchase new copies with exclusive, one-time use DLC codes to effectively end the resale of games but has largely failed. 

But now Gamestop is researching ways to resell used digital content.

“It’s very interesting,” said GameStop CEO Paul Raines in a recent interview. “There are some technologies out there in Europe, and we’ve looked at a couple that are involved. We’re interested; it’s not a meaningful business yet. Right now we’re not seeing that as a huge market, but I think we’re on the leading edge. There are a few companies, a few startups, out there that we’ve talked to that are doing this.”

The move to selling previously-owned serial numbers isn’t that surprising as the industry is slowly shifting into a digitally-focused distribution model. In fact its rumored next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony apparently won’t support any used games at all.

Earlier this month, After the recent ruling in Europe, users are allowed to resell digital products regardless of what the EULA says.

I suppose it’s a long shot Gamestop could get this to fly legally.  The wrath of every digital or physical distribution company will come down on them if they were to move a digital resale program forward.  Not to mention video game and software developers.  I also know that it is ignorant to be afraid of new paradigms in the industry.  At one time they said the VCR was the end of movies.