The DVD Price History Index historical buy pricing

Introducing the new DVD Secondary Market Price Index.   This is an index of 24 random DVDs that we have recorded in price at since 2006.  The index of 24 DVDs had a total price value of $134 in January 2006 and ended July 2012 at $69.

The index selection process.  The selection was random however we did have this  prequalifying criteria.  We took care to select a group of items that are well-known but are no longer buzzing from advertisement hype to avoid the accelerated price drop that occurs after a DVD has been released.  These DVDs have been released at least since early since 2005.    They have an Amazon Sales Ranking of 2000- 25,000.

In the initial years of the index. MX123 took infrequent recordings of prices.    The irregular interval dates give the perhaps misleading appearance of an accelerated price decline in 2007 and 2008.

My take. What i find most interesting is the stagnation of prices the last year and a half.  Despite lots of gloom and doom about the collapse of the DVD the numbers show signs of strength.  Despite an increasing number of DVDs reaching complete valuelessness, there are other items that are maintaining their value well.  The limited supply may be prolonging the demise of the digitail disc.  Not all titles are available for digital distribution yet and with reduced shelf space available in the leading retail stores, the limited supply may be having an effect.

The DVD Secondary Market Index. (Click on DVD for historical pricing)
Tombstoneplanes trains and automobiles,  orange countystar wars trilogy,  Archie Bunkers Place Season 1Brotherhood season 2Family ties season 1,  polar expressBonfire of the Vanities, Jezebel, country bears, Halloween 5, Star trek iV – Voyage Home,  Adventures of Don JuanPhiladelphiaCast Away Steel BookThe NetSouth Park TimmyPunky Brewster season 1Americas Funniest Home Vids: Kids and AnimalsFriends 4th seasonSorcerer Hunters,  Vol. 3,  Newton BoysWonder Boys