Video Game vs DVD Price History

Price history of DVDs vs video games

Chris Janota,

The graph compares the prices performance of DVDs versus video games since 2006.  Prices are determined by the buy prices.

The Video game index consisted of 70 video games: 10 Nintendo DS, 20 Playstation 2 games, 20 Xbox games and 20 Game Cube Games.  Note that the current generation of formats were not included (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii).   The DVD index consisted of 24 DVDs we followed since 2006.  Read more about the selection process and more thoughts on the decline of the DVD market in our last post.

Like our DVD selection criteria, the video game selection was random and we did have a prequalifying criteria.  We took care to select a group of items that are well-known but are no longer buzzing from advertisement hype to avoid the accelerated price drop that occurs after a new game has been released.   Games with dates (eg. Madden 2006) were not used.  They all have an Amazon Sales Ranking of 500- 7,000.

Our next post will reveal the Video Game Index components and will highlight the performance of each format (PS2 vs GC vs XBox vs DS).