DVD and Blu-ray Holiday Sales Strong

Chris Janota, mx123.com
With the holiday period underway i am able to make a couple insights on the ongoing battle between pre-packaged DVDs versus electronic downloading.

The fourth quarter, is gift-giving time, a period where retailers produce around Forty percent of their yearly home video sales. And a primary driver behind pre-holiday DVD and Blu-ray gross sales is the impulse market. Historically, electronic digital downloading has not really been a consideration for gift giving. There’s reduced perception of “gift appeal,” if you will, of any $20 or even $40 iTunes gift card as a Christmas gift in contrast to a nicely wrapped Blu-ray Disc of GI Joe Retaliation or The Avengers


The classic question regarding whether consumers are price receptive with regards to paying for packaged media seems to be to have been resolved, for good. The result, evaluating from customers checking out inexpensive discs early in the holiday shopping season, is a booming yes indeed. Price it affordable enough, and shoppers will purchase.
Merchants are learning if you price discs affordable enough, you will wind up exceeding increased product sales to cover. So the packaged video business is remaininging robust. One of my favorite resources for video industry updates is Home Media where they monitor the overall performanceof DVDs versus digital downloading. We can see the figures are a far cry from the doom and gloom. Packaged media is far from dead.