Will Your PS2 and PS3 Games Become Obsolete?

Chris Janota, mx123.com

Will the Playstation 4 be equipted to play your used PS3 and PS2 games?  The early word is that it will.  Kind of.   According to several sources with accessibility to development kits, the Playstation 4 will shift to completely new CPU engineering from the PS3, using more traditional PC components, making backwards compatibility essentially hopeless.  The expected work around will be to abandon reading games locally, and resort to streaming games to the PS4 system. That will likely mean you insert your old game into the PS4 console. Then instead of processing the disc it will grant you the ability to stream it for free.  Thats the hope anyway, and that explains the reasoning for Sony’s Gaikai aquistion last year.

Market leading video game reseller GameStop has been lobbying Sony and Miccrosoft hard not to block used games on their PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 (due for release by this Christmas) . The retail chain will be closing 240 stores in the next year, and only opening 100 new stores within the same period.  Fewer consumers are purchasing game titles in retail stores, and for a business whose earnings live and die by the preowned  video game market, the long term appears gloomy.   The point against used game compatibility  is that it takes revenue from game designers and publishers.  On the flip side, the used game marketplace is essential to the wellness of next generation gaming systems.  Publishers should recognize that a healthy pre-owned gamemarketplace enables them to to sell many more games and systems.  

Mx123 will stay strong in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 business.  We’ll be ready to sell the new generation of games regardless of what features or lockdowns they produce.  We’ll adapt what it does to our pre-owned business model, and one of the approaches to do that is via a ongoing healthy pre-owned online business for todays and the next generation of consoles.