PS4 and the Future of Video Game Resale

video game collapseChris Janota,
There is wide speculation that the forthcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 will have technology to prohibit used games.  The business of pre-owned games is a multi-billion dollar business, and this has me and some video game resale companies somewhat anxious.  The dilemma with used games, in the eyes of video game programmers, is that it costs them quite possibly more in lost earnings than piracy does. But does that protect the video game industry or just hurt gamers?  In my previous blog post we examined Sony’s announcement the PS4 would be able to download all PS4 games digitally online.  The upcoming PS4 will be paralleled to PS Vita in that each video game will be accessible as a digital download, and only some games will also be available on a physical disc.

I must admit the whole pre-owned media business is a little frightening for me.  I’ve always been a solid believer in what you own is your property to use as you like and resell, however, you can’t refute that the resale industry does put a dent in their business, and I would hate to push companies to make fewer games. I hope that Sony can manage to find a PS4 solution that will balance incentives to develop games with the rights of every day gamers.