DVDs: Simple and Steadfast

reliable_dvdWith ever increasing ways to take in digital media and the uncertain future how digital media landscape will settle, one steadfast truth in digital media has been established so far: One day its hot , the next day its not.  Like we have seen with many trendy digital solutions like Hulu, Tivo or Ultra Violet, the flowing character of digital delivery, we are not sure where this race will end up.

The unsteadiness of digital, is brought on when there’s no wifi, the internet’s down, the computer crashes or the laplop is out of battery power.  Doesn’t all that change and uncertainty make the good ole DVD the reliable one?  Ultimately the DVD is a great fit, because for many entertainment is about escapism or regressing into our comfort zone.

For all its assessments of its upcoming extinction, the DVD has demonstrated unexpected resiliency.  Those old-fashioned discs are still seeing plenty of resale activity, at least here at mx123.