Top 5 Items to Buy Used

Chris Janota, If you come to mx123 to sell your used dvds you might already know the great value you can get buying your dvds used. There’s a great online marketplace for selling used dvds online. And you could purchase complete seasons of well-known TV shows and movies for a small percentage of the price of purchasing new. Same is true of video games. If a movie or game has been released for a year, there’s seldom a reason to get it new. You will find tons of sellers selling their used media online, so you can almost always find an older item. But… if you totally have to have the new release of Game of Thrones Season 2, you don’t really have another option than buying new.

I created a list of my favorite things you should buy used rather than new.

#1 Bikes. You could invest between $200 to $400 for a new 20 speed. Cut those prices in half by searching used items online on eBay or Craigslist. Cut those prices in half again by shopping at a garage sale.

#2 Children’s toys and clothing. Children’s interest in their toys is often fleeting. More often than not they’re ready to move on to something new almost right after they got it. This category I hold near and dear to my heart because I once owned a children’s resale store (Kidoos! in Woodbury, Minnesota). You can save anywhere from 40 to 90 percent on children’s clothing, equipment and toys by shopping at stores like my Kidoos or Once Upon A Child. Mothers maturnity clothing is another clothing item that rarely received much wear and is great for a second life.

#3 Books. Garage Sales are gold mines for used books. Amazon of coarse is also a great source online. College text books are also a great resale item.

#4 Tools. You can find everyday tools for cheap at yard sales but it can be tough to make your needs match the opportunities. When you need a miter saw attachment, you need a miter saw attachment – your not going to wait until the next time you see one at a garage sale. For that reason I find I end up buying most of my tools new. However, There is a national resale tool store franchise called Retool but i havnt tried them out yet. I should.

#5 Jewelry. Like automobiles, depreciation hits hard when you try to sell used jewelry but as a buyer you can take advantage of the markdown to save a bundle. Good sources are reputable pawn shops and estate sales.

Lastly i would like to recommend a couple of sources for finding garage sales or estate sales in your area. Garage Sale Rover is a free app (I developed myself) available on the Android Market and the iPhone.

And a great website for locating the biggest and best sales like city wide garage sales is City wide garage sales present a great opportunity to search through tons of used stuff fast by being able to move from house to house quickly.