Next Gen Video games are here!

used-video-games-bannedChris Janota,

In November both the PS4 and the Xbox One began to ship, marking the beginning of the “next-generation” console cycle. The renew of the console cycle could be seen as the start of a renewed growth phase for the gaming industry. With the new launch, some long awaited questions have been put to rest. Yes, they both require electricity. And yes, they both have graphics. But seriously, if you were wondering if you would be able to continue to buy and resell your xBox One and PS4 games, you can. The long running rumor was that Sony would not allow the reselling of games but with the new launch, it’s definite the reselling of used games with continue at least for this generation of games. Let the celebration begin! If you recall we weren’t so sure for while.

And what about your old The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games? They will continue to become “obsolete” and outdated in the coming months and erode in value. The best advice is to sell your games now if you are not playing them any longer. To get an instant quote for your old games you can start by entering the UPC numbers here in our video game quote box.