Nobody Wants My Used DVD Cases

Chris Janota,

used dvd cases

I’ve been doing this for years.

We cummulate quite a few used dvd cases through our operations at Media Exchange 123.  When cases are scratched or damaged we will swap out the old cases for new ones.  We’ve been doing this since 2002.  Then we would give the old cases away in our retail store (back when we had a store) or I’d post an ad on craigslist.  Then calls would roll in.  It was always easy to unload of the used DVD cases.   Lots of dvd collectors would be eagar to call me and stop by to pick them up to store their DVDs.

But those calls stopped coming in.

After my latest Craigslist post i received ZERO calls.  Technology has changed and my once love free give away is no longer loved.

So yesterday i made my way to the Eureka Recycling Drop-off site in St. Paul.  It’s a shame nobody can use them any longer and its a little inconvenient to haul everything over there and unload them, but going forward i guess this is the new routine.

DVD and Video Game cases are made of Plastic #5 and are now accepted at most recycling centers.  The actual DVDs are still not accepted because of the ink and metals included with the plastic.  Read more on that.