Blu-Ray Prices Dropping

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I’ve been a big fan of Home Media Magazine from back when their printed magazine was called Video Store News and was delivered to my mx123 retail store about 7 years ago.

Every week they chart the sales trend in DVD and Blu-Ray sales.  Most would find it’s no surprise that the sales trend in DVDs continues to decline but the latest trend currently unfolding is the accelerating drop in blu-ray sales.

This accelerating drop in blu-ray sales from their research correlates with our research of an accelerating decline in blu-ray prices on the secondary market compared to DVD prices.  Over the last year we’ve seen a price decline of 5% in DVDs and 25% in blu-ray.  Wow!

Admittedly our research isn’t nearly as thorough as HM’s research.  Since 2006 we have recorded  historical secondary market prices for DVDs and just over the last year we have begun recording blu-ray pricing.