Mx123 Mobile App

scan UPC barcodesChris Janota  MX123

I’ve been asked about the status on our mobile app and i want to clear up some of the confusion that may be out there.

First of all we have had an Android Mobile app for a few years already.  The function of the free app was to give the user the ability to scan barcodes and retrieve quick price info from mx123 and from Amazon. Since the release of the app a few years ago we have not updated it and it has become rather “clunky” compared to today’s app standards.

Today we are in the early stages of planning our next iPhone app.  Unlike our old Android app, this app will function on iOS (iPhones).  It will be free and enable to user to create their own sell order.  I am initially envisioning developing this on the iOS platform because the webcamera technology has evoloved faster because  there aren’t hundreds of phones and different camera hardware like there is on Android.

Imagine just scanning your UPCs ‪#‎s‬ on your items with you iPhone’s camera to tally up a sell order. Then you’ll get an email with your free shipping label for printing. It would be simpler than our website because the iphone’s camera would help input the UPCs faster. But you have to have an iPhone and have to download the app from iTunes.  Do you think a mobile app would help you create a sell order faster?