DVD Amnesty: Recovering Your Collection From Your Friends

Chris Janota,  Mx123.com

I have a solution to settle a major problem many of us have.  Recovering your loaned DVDs.   At first it seems that lending a DVD is a small favor to grant to any friend. After all if you built a library of DVDs over the years you won’t miss lending a few out.   But as your collection grows and time goes on,  those mental notes you made begin to fade.  What are you to do? You can’t hide your collection from your friends.   Maybe you’re unconfident with your overdue notices you have floating in your brain to remind your friends.

If you find yourself in such an uncomfortable position this is what I suggest.  Send your friends a link to this blog post.

Friends, read on.

Dear friend [insert name]

I am currently undergoing some home cleaning and am taking inventory of my DVD collection before selling them off.  I am trying to track down some of my old DVDs and would appreciate your help.

I am hereby granting amnesty  for all my best friends who may have innocently forgot I would like them back.  I am granting you freedom of any accusation,  and freedom from embarrassment, as you ordinarily would feel, thanks to this two-week amnesty program.  You will be welcomed back without consequence if you promptly surrender the DVDs.

Your friend  [insert your name]

In prior testing this article was found to be 95% effective in recovering DVDs when sent to any friend.