The Little Mermaid and MX123

little-mermaid-videoI am often asked how MX123 originated in the media business and many are surprised to learn that we started as a children’s resale store under the name Kidoos.  Kidoos veered into the DVD business after customers demanded childrens videos and DVDs at our popular childrens resale store in Minnesota. After opening our first store in Apple Valley, Minnesota in 1994 the VCR became affordable and the home video market exploded nationwide.  Demand for the new comsumer product was strong but our attention to the potential resale market of videos at our retail store was awaken by the demand for childrens DVDs in Kidoos, inparticular the Little Mermaid video.

Videos don’t get much more G-rated than Disney’s Little Mermaid Video, however the movie’s home-video cover art was tagged with an adult rating, by numerous scandalized families. The original home video cover art bears a likeness to a penis, so much that many folks are hesitant to dismiss it as coincidence. After more than a year of going unnoticed, rumors started circulating that the phallic object had been intentionally drawn as a last act of defiance by a disgruntled Disney artisan who was furious after being notified that he would be laid off at the conclusion of the project.  Soon Disney stopped the distribution of the popular video, but scandle only stimulated more demand and more interest in the Little Mermaid turning it into a collectors item.  Many other videos like Peter Pan, 101 Dalmations, Lady and the Tramp and Sleeping Beauty also became collectible items.  The “Disney Vault” is the term used by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment for its policy of putting home video releases of Walt Disney Animation Studios’s animated features on moratorium. Each Disney film is available for purchase for a limited time, after which it is put “in the vault” and not made available in stores for several years until it is once again released.    With the advent of the internet our first website was open in 1995 feeding the public’s demand for collectible videos.