Marvels Avengers DVD: Buy it. Watch it. Sell it.

For a limited time you can sell back your used  Marvels Avengers  DVD to for $11 or sell back your used DVD/Blu-ray combo  for $16.   The highly anticipated DVD is set for release… Continue reading

Video Game vs DVD Price History

Chris Janota, The graph compares the prices performance of DVDs versus video games since 2006.  Prices are determined by the buy prices. The Video game index consisted of 70 video games: 10 Nintendo DS,… Continue reading

The DVD Price History Index

Introducing the new DVD Secondary Market Price Index.   This is an index of 24 random DVDs that we have recorded in price at since 2006.  The index of 24 DVDs had a total… Continue reading

Cloud Video is Just the Beginning

Chris Janota There were  many reasons why the DVD replaced the popular VHS tape 10 years ago.  The DVD was compact, it had a higher picture quality, you could instantly rewind or… Continue reading

Sell Back Your Used Hunger Games DVD for $10

Chris Janota The Hunger Games now out on Blu-ray DVD is one of 2012’s most popular movies.  Based on the book with the same name, The Hunger Games is part one of a trilogy,… Continue reading

Recycling DVDs CDs & Video Games

Chris Janota, Where is the final resting place of your DVDs and CDs going to be?  The same place your VHS tapes ended up?  At we stopped buying back used VHS… Continue reading

DVD Reuse: The DVD Fish

Whether you’ve decided to go digital or are simply ready to acknowledge that you just aren’t into that Austin Powers DVD anymore, there are many ways to keep your CDs and DVDs out of landfills. Before recycling,… Continue reading

Converting Your Blu-Ray Collection to iPad

Chris Janota You can now enjoy the movies from your Blu-ray disc collection downloaded on your iPad and iPhones.  iTunes 10.6 is available now for download direct from Apple, giving users access to 1080p high-definition… Continue reading

Gamestop: More Power to the Players

Chris Janota, Gamestop: Game developers loathe them. Console manufacturers aren’t crazy about them.  As our competitor, isn’t a fan either, just a curious spectator of the resale industry leader.   But… Continue reading

Garage Sale Mapping App Debuts founder launches Garage Sale Rover, a free mobile app for finding garage sales and estate sales available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play.   App aims to be become the ultimate… Continue reading

Quick Mobile Price Lookup Tools

Chris Janota, A great past time for making additional money is  scouting for dvds, cds, video games and books at garage sales and library sales.  Often the treasures you find can be… Continue reading

Not All Blu-ray Movies are Created Equal

Chris Janota, Upgrading to a blu-ray  player may no longer be chichi for tech fans, but its still the foundation of any modern home theater. There is no doubt, blu-ray is better… Continue reading

Blu-ray Retail Prices Dropping

Chris Janota, As the Blu-ray format becomes more accepted, $5 and under Blu-rays are becoming common for some older catalog titles I just recently noticed Blu-rays that used to cost $15-$25 at retail… Continue reading

DVD Industry Update and Ultra Violet

Chris Janota, As DVDs still provide 80% of home movie sales the industry continues to evolve ever rapidly.  Netflix continues to post increases in subscribers for streaming accounts.  Studios are hoping to make an active… Continue reading

Other Trade-in Websites

More and more Americans are discovering the simplicity of using buy back websites that offer quick cash for selling your used stuff.  Just about everybody knows you can sell your stuff and make money… Continue reading

Residential DVD Collection Storage Design

Residential DVD collection design by John Senhauser Architects Is your storage over flowing?  Sell your unused dvds, video games and blu-rays to Free up some space. dvd shelving | dvd,  video game… Continue reading

Gamestop Starting to Fade

Chris Janota, Where will your neighborhood Gamestop be in  five years?  As the rapidly advancing digital tidal wave has advanced upon music (goodbye Musicland) and then movies (good bye Blockbuster) and then books (good bye… Continue reading

Next Generation Video Game Consoles Overdue

Chris Janota, The video game history going back to the 1970s has demonstated about a five year lifecycle of console rebirths.  Nintendo’s new Wii U officially kicks off the 8th generation of… Continue reading

Physical Media Vanishing Rapidly

Chris Janota, In further evidence of the rapid removal of physical media from our lives Microsoft has decided to not include DVD or Blu-ray support for their upcoming Windows 8 release.  Without purchasing an… Continue reading

DVD to Blu-Ray Adoption Accelerates

Chris Janota The Digital Entertainment Group  a trade group whose members include studios, consumer electronic companies and others issued an industry report Tuesday.  Here’s a summary. For the first time sales of Blu-ray… Continue reading

Now Buying Discs w/o Cases

Chris Janota, Do you have dvd or video game discs to get rid of? If you are missing the original coverwork and cases to your collection you are in luck! now buys your… Continue reading

The DVD Bedroom

DVD bedroom of the year

Harry Potter DVDs and Blu-rays on moratorium

Chris Janota, Warner Home Video is taking a page out of Disney’s marketing playbook and locking up all the Harry Potter movies back to its vault as of Dec. 29, 2011. The… Continue reading

MX123 Video Contest: Vote now!

Chris Janota, Announcing our Video Contest. VOTE NOW    The voting has begun but its not too late to enter a late video entry! (see below) Prize: $150 awarded to the 1st… Continue reading

Earn a bonus! Tell your Friends about mx123

By Chris Janota, Earn a bonus on your payment when you spread the word about First complete your sell order on our website. Second, spread the word about MX123 on any social… Continue reading