Get FAST mx123 prices: FREE mobile phone app

By Chris Janota, This FREE mobile phone app provides FAST pricing on DVDs and video games by turning your mobile phone’s camera into a barcode scanner and accessing our database. It’s great… Continue reading

New fundraising opportunity

Raise Funds for Your Organization by Collecting DVD, Book, and CD Donations. By Chris Janota, is now offering a perfect way to raise money for a non-profit, children’s group, sporting team,… Continue reading

Get a Barcode Scanner!

Get a Barcode Scanner!  Just $34.95 to buy. $9.95 to rent This economical FG8100 barcode scanner is highly recomended by MX123 to quickly and reliably input UPC codes.  Plug the scanner into any… Continue reading

Historical Pricing for DVDs and Games

By Chris Janota, Here’s an interesting new feature we just added.    You can now view our historical buy prices for each item in our database.  You can view what we have paid  going… Continue reading

New Expedited Sell Option

We just unveiled a new expedited selling process geared towards dvd, video game, cd and book sellers  that allow you to sell items without loading upc numbers into our website.  This new expedited checkout still locks you into the prices… Continue reading

New video: R.I.P. Joe Giggles

By Chris Janota, The Joe Giggles clown head was stolen out of the MX123 van yesterday. A reward is being offered for infomation leading to the recovery of the clown head. Video:… Continue reading

How to Care For Your Burnt Media

It has only been in the last few years that many digitisation projects have taken a serious approach to digital preservation.  In that time CD-R quickly become the most common optical media for… Continue reading

New video: how to sell your video games

Professional gamer Joe Giggles the clown makes an appearence on talk show MX123 and shows how easy it is to sell your used video games.

Customer service issues

If you have an inquiry about your sell order or any other issue we encourage you email your question to us at Emailing will ensure your inqury is routed and handled in… Continue reading

Cable vs. Buying DVDs vs. Renting DVDs

Here an interesting article that reassured me it is becoming an ever increasing better deal (as dvd prices decrease) to buy instead of renting or ordering cable. What this article doesnt mention is… Continue reading

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See mx123s Rare Collectible DVDs Youtube video

See our new Rare DVD series of videos on Youtube. In each video we spotlight dvds with high mx123 buy prices and discuss the reason behind the prices. In our latest video posting… Continue reading